Monday, 30 May 2016

Black sinamay with flame silk rose - Sold

White sinamay with veiling and rose

Garden blooms - flouncy and romantic

Fuchsia sinamay on headband

The amazing Zandra Rhodes at Bath in Fashion 

Fashion show - Bath in Fashion

Roses all the way

June is just around the corner and the roses are in bud and promising to be prolific this year.

We are in the racing season where fashion is on full display -
hats and fascinators by Sawreyrose are being designed and fashioned in my studio in Surrey.
Don't miss out on a bespoke creation.

Have a beautiful June.

Very best wishes Sawreyrose.

Monday, 16 May 2016

What a busy month culminating in a very happy birthday for me.

At the beginning of April we had a lovely holiday in Palma - Mallorca which is such a beautiful city - it offers everything - wonderful restaurants, wines, the marina, first class infrastructure, beautiful beaches, amazing scenery and coastal towns. The central attraction for us was the magnificent Gothic Cathedral with the iconic influence of Gaudi and the most beautiful stain glass windows. Very friendly and helpful people made the holiday a complete success.
The bay of Cala Major

Palma marina

Hope you all have a happy summer - will be back again soon.

Best wishes Sawreyrose

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Hi - just thought I would present something a little different along side some of my bridal headwear.
Beautiful Dartmouth harbour and marina

Dartmouth harbour and marina

Beautiful properties sitting on the waters edge in Dartmouth

Pink Aqualiga

Bridal bouquet with Vendela roses and gypsophila

Pink cornflower with visitor

To welcome our wedding guests
Sinamay top hat with veiling - £65.00

Silk ribbon head bands with beads and silk flowers
£30.00 and £25.00

Sinamay dipped hat on comb with veiling bow

Sinamay disc with crim trimming on comb

Sinamay dipped hat on comb with veiling bow

Silk head band trimmed with silk flowers

Wishing you all a very happy month - our gardens are more interesting by the day - still have beautiful spring flowers but summer buds are on their way - cheerio for now - would love to hear from you.

All images are my own 

Saturday, 26 March 2016

An early post for April to take in Easter which is a very special time for me - I love this time of the year when the garden is waking up and new shoots are showing their heads - a promise of longer days and time outdoors. I am a keen gardening but am a bit haphazard when planting, however it all turns out ok I think.

This post I am concentrating on potential upcoming weddings and summer events - all hats and headpieces are hand sewn and bespoke - there may be similar styles but all are individual personal pieces.

Hope you enjoy - would love to hear your comments:

Cherry sinamay beret with silk rose and feather
on elastic - £40.00

Navy sinamay sweetheart with contrasting sinamay trim
on comb - £65.00

Chocolate brown sinamay disc with goose feathers
on combe - £40.00

Lilac sinamay disc with veiling and tiny flowers
on comb - £35.00

Bridal headband covered in satin with pearl beading

Headband covered in gold ribbon with matching tiny flowers
My workspace - big smiles!!

Flower market in Nice

Flower market in Nice

Wishing you all a very happy Spring time - see you again soon.

All images my own.


Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Hello - happy March and happy St David's day to all.

Here are some Sawreyrose Spring hats - weddings, Ascot, tea dances, birthday celebrations - any occasion at hat can be the crowning glory for you to enjoy.

 Rose sinamay dipped hat on comb with organza ribbon
and rose buds

Soft grey sinamay small saucer on band with toning
grey sinamay swirls

A touch of Spring
Turquiose  sinamay disc on comb with toning
sinamay swirls

Apple green sinamay dipped hat on hand band
with complimentary silk rose

A beautiful french village built into the mountain side
'blue skies and sunshine' - Provence

Wishing you all a very happy March - good health and well being
Very best wishes Sawreyrose

All images my own

Friday, 29 January 2016

Welcome 2016 - all good wishes for a happy and peaceful year ahead.

This new month seems to have raced past us in a flash - always exciting starting something new so I thought I would begin by showing you the newest hats from Sawreyrose.

All are hand sewn bespoke individuals.

White sinamay saucer with veiling and silk rose
on headband

Magnolia tree taken at the wonderful Eden Project in Cornwall
Last year I went on a delightful one day course at the Makelight Studio in Dulwich to learn more about photographs from my phone - this is one of the projects 
Coral sinamay disc fascinator with feather and swirl
with head comb
Two sinamay disc fascinators with toning swirls and beads
on head comb

Wishing you a wonderful February and I will be back with you very soon x


Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas 2015

As 2015 draws to a close and our Christmas celebration looms, I reflect on the year, our family and friends, our blessings and trials, adventures, travels, greetings and good byes - life runs at a pace, sometimes difficult to keep up with but nevertheless it is ours to deal with and live fully.

We read and hear about the atrocities, horrors and grave sadness in the world and wish these did not occur. We hear about huge numbers of homeless people desperately trying to make a better life for themselves and their families. People without shelter, food and water facing freezing conditions in the coming months in all corners of the world. Babies and small children suffering under incredible circumstances - coming into a world where hope and prosperity is questionable. 

Trying to make sense of why life works for some and not so for all fellow human beings is beyond rationale but not to question or even notice this is blind.

We can all play our small part wherever possible, to utilise each day, hour or minute to its fullest capacity is to show gratitude for the day we have.

Peace and love 

December 23/ 2015