Friday, 24 August 2012

Church flowers and Olympic victory bouquets

The weekend of the 27th July was the Opening ceremony for the 2012 Olympic games and what an amazingly successful event it was.

That weekend I volunteered to do flowers in my local church. It was also a family commemoration date and so I decided to go with the theme honoring the Olympic games and create my personal arrangement commensurate with the Olympic victory bouquet.

The bouquets were designed by Susan Lapworth, Creative Director at Jane Packer
and the story of the bouquets and their journey to the games is illustrated and documented by Rona Wheeldon of Flowerona - it was a very interesting and prestigious task put before the Company and one of great success.

Here is my interpretation which was displayed on the church Font. I used the same colours of flowers but substituted roses for chrysants, the rosemary and mint were taken from my garden, the wheat bought locally and the lavender came from Long Barn in Hampshire.

My friend Lynne and I had a lovely afternoon in July at Long Barn creating a lavender wreath at one of their scrumptious workshops and here is a pic of mine!!

Anyway more from me later x