Saturday, 26 March 2016

An early post for April to take in Easter which is a very special time for me - I love this time of the year when the garden is waking up and new shoots are showing their heads - a promise of longer days and time outdoors. I am a keen gardening but am a bit haphazard when planting, however it all turns out ok I think.

This post I am concentrating on potential upcoming weddings and summer events - all hats and headpieces are hand sewn and bespoke - there may be similar styles but all are individual personal pieces.

Hope you enjoy - would love to hear your comments:

Cherry sinamay beret with silk rose and feather
on elastic - £40.00

Navy sinamay sweetheart with contrasting sinamay trim
on comb - £65.00

Chocolate brown sinamay disc with goose feathers
on combe - £40.00

Lilac sinamay disc with veiling and tiny flowers
on comb - £35.00

Bridal headband covered in satin with pearl beading

Headband covered in gold ribbon with matching tiny flowers
My workspace - big smiles!!

Flower market in Nice

Flower market in Nice

Wishing you all a very happy Spring time - see you again soon.

All images my own.


Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Hello - happy March and happy St David's day to all.

Here are some Sawreyrose Spring hats - weddings, Ascot, tea dances, birthday celebrations - any occasion at hat can be the crowning glory for you to enjoy.

 Rose sinamay dipped hat on comb with organza ribbon
and rose buds

Soft grey sinamay small saucer on band with toning
grey sinamay swirls

A touch of Spring
Turquiose  sinamay disc on comb with toning
sinamay swirls

Apple green sinamay dipped hat on hand band
with complimentary silk rose

A beautiful french village built into the mountain side
'blue skies and sunshine' - Provence

Wishing you all a very happy March - good health and well being
Very best wishes Sawreyrose

All images my own